RED WoLF – funded by Interreg NWE

RED WoLF (Rethink Electricity Distribution Without Load Following) is a project that is funded by the European Union under the Interreg North West Europe (NWE) programme, involving partner institutions from the UK, France, Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg with Leads Beckett University as lead partner.

Universities, (social) housing associations, municipalities and energy suppliers in North West Europe are working together to reduce emissions from buildings, which annually produce about 300 million tonnes of CO2

The RED WoLF project will increase the use of renewable energy while reducing carbon emissions in homes with photovoltaic (PV) systems and no gas connection and therefore contributing on the CO2-footprint of the building sector.

To achieve this, a total of 100 homes in six RED WoLF pilot regions in the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg and France will be equipped with hybrid storage systems that combine batteries and thermal storage. The thermal storage units will provide heat for heating on demand and the batteries will store power from the photovoltaic systems. This is how low-CO2 energy (generated by the PV system) can be accessed when demand for electricity is low, replacing fossil energy from the grid. This is because, through a new "smart" control technology, the hybrid storage systems will be able to communicate with the grid, eliminating the imbalance of electricity generation and demand.


Part of Energipark Réiden S.A.:

The mission of Energipark Réiden S.A. consists in the provision as well as in the technical set-up of pilot buildings in Luxembourg. Therefore, energy-efficient management devices and storage systems (battery systems, heat pumps and electrical heating elements in the hot water storage tank) are extended in buildings, that are managed by Energipark Réiden S.A. via energy service contracts. The installed hardware is read, evaluated and optimized.



Here you can download the flyer of the Interreg-NWE project RED WoLF.

For more information, please visit the website of the European Union.

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