D2Grids – funded by Interreg NWE

The goal of the project is the increase of the share of renewable energy by accelerating the roll-out of demand-driven intelligent grids delivering low temperature heating and cooling to NWE cities.

The D2GRIDS project aims to develop 5th generation urban heating and cooling networks (5G DHC) throughout Europe. They will make it possible to anticipate the demands or sources of fatal heat, cold or renewable electricity in their surroundings. Similarly, local collective self-consumption logic will be optimized by broadly integrating heating and cooling needs, storage capacities or associated thermal or electrical flexibility.



Part of Energipark Réiden S.A.:

The mission of Energipark Réiden S.A. consists in the provision of technical know-how in the engineering of district heating and cooling networks for quarters. Therefore, several potential sites in Luxembourg are analysed and the technical and financial feasibility of 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling networks are investigated.

Here you can download the flyer of the Interreg-NWE project D2 Grids

For more information, please visit the website of the European Union.

Energipark réiden s.a.

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